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Info om Fluval "Edge" akvarier



Bredde: 43 cm, dybde: 26 cm, højde: 22,4 cm

The Fluval Edge is one of the most popular and iconic nano aquariums available today. 2011 will see the launch of the redesigned Edge range with a larger size option and a new Day and Night LED lighting system


Meet Edge?s Big Brother!
As well as the standard 23 litre/6 US gal model the new Fluval Edge range will include a large 46 litre/12 US gal aquarium. The larger aquarium has the same footprint as the standard model, so it won?t take up extra linear space. The ?double height? design allows more room for creative aquascaping and a larger viewing area to enjoy the beauty of your aquatic creation.















Light up your life, day or night!

With new Edge comes a completely re-designed lighting system. Super bright LED bulbs (21 bulbs on the 23L model, 42 bulbs on the 46L model) with a 7600k spectrum create a strong, white light. A flick of a switch activates night mode, where 3 blue LEDs cast a cool moonlight glow over your aquascape, perfect as a night-light.











Got an Edge? Go LED!

If you have a Fluval Edge aquarium already you can now enjoy all the benefits of LED lighting without buying a whole new aquarium! The Fluval Edge LED bulb set includes two splash proof high intensity LED bulbs to replace the halogen bulbs originally supplied. LED lighting emits a brighter, cleaner light and with a power consumption of just 1.8W each they are over five times cheaper to run than the original halogen bulbs.



White?it?s the new black!

New Edge now comes in a stunning gloss white finish that will blend perfectly with the latest home décor. Gloss black and Pewter (23L only) finishes are also available