Bøger som omhandler maller, rejer, frøer og tropiske ferskvandsfisk


Back to Nature Mallerback to nature bog på dansk hos poppi østerbro

David Sands har undersøgt maller i 25 år. Han fik en doktorgrad i 1995 for sine studier af maller i den øvre del af Rio Negro i Brasi-lien. Hans ekspeditioner har ført ham til Peru, Guyana, Brasilien, Indonesien og Nordame-rika. Denne bog giver et godt overblik over de ar-ter, der er tilgængelige for tiden, og giver samtidig den nødvendige information om deres pleje i akvarier. Bogen indeholder mange, flotte farvefotos.

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My Dwarf Clawed Frog (kun på engelsk)bog om akvatiske frøer

The new series Aqualog Minis is always dedicated to one fish genius or species.

It is a compilation of all available information about one specific subject. Everything you must know about clawed frogs:

- Aquarium setup, feeding, water, diseases. Everything you should know about clawed frogs:
- Behavior, breeding, heredity, ecology, distribution in the wild. Everything you might want to know about clawed frogs:
- Taxonomy, how they were discovered, cultivated forms.

Aqualog Minis is a pleasure to read, with plenty of colorful photos, for anyone who wants to learn more, beginners and seasoned specialists alike!

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All About Shrimps, Crayfishes, and Crabs (kun på engelsk)bogen og rejer og krebs til akvarier

in the fresh- and brackish-water aquarium and paludarium

Dwarf shrimps.
Fan shrimps.
Long-arm shrimps.
Swimming shrimps.
European crayfishes.
American crayfishes.
Australian crayfishes.
Dwarf crayfishes.
Madagascar crayfishes.
Aegla species.
Fresh- and brackish-water hermit crabs.
Terrestrial hermit crabs.
Freshwater crabs.
Land crabs.
Mangrove crabs.
Fiddler crabs.
Freshwater snapping shrimps.
Horseshoe crabs.

The Aqualog All about Shrimps, Crayfishes, and Crabs has been written by an expert with practical considerations in mind, but without omitting any of the essential background theory.
This book is a must for the bookshelves of every true enthusiast, expert or hobbyist!
200 pages, hardcover.

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Brackish-Water Fishes (kun på engelsk)bogen om brakvandsfisk hos poppioesterbro

Scats, monos, archerfishes and puffers are all standard fare in the aquarium trade. Their splendid colors and their unusual appearance persuade many aquarists to buy them. For a long-term good health all these fishes require the addition of salt to the water to create so-called brackish water, but if we search the literature for information on the setting-up and maintenance of brackish-water aquaria, our quest is usually in vain. This book will thus fill a gap in the aquarium literature, as it is devoted exclusively to the subject of the brackish-water aquarium. It portrays in depth the special characteristics of the brackish-water zones of our planet, describes the equipment required to run a brackish-water aquarium, and details how such an aquarium should be set up and maintained. Considerable emphasis is placed in this book on the description of fish species that are suited to maintenance in a brackish-water aquarium. Not only are the classic brackish-water fishes mentioned above covered in detail, but many other beautiful, interesting, or bizarre species are presented as well. In addition, mention is also made of those fish species that, because of misidentification or incorrect information, are often classified as brackish-water fishes when in fact they are not. Hardcover, 80 pages and over 160 color photos.

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The Most Beautiful L-numbers (kun på engels)bogen om de flotteste l-maller

Fantastic poster with 64 of the most beautiful and popular L-numbers. Plus a lot of informative text about the care, breeding etc. All L- and LDA-numbers are presented in AQUALOG all L-numbers and completing supplements on over 500 full color photographs.

The fishes featured in this book are not just identified by their name but also code number. AQUALOG has developed an ingenious code number system which labels every known or newly discovered fish (incl. breeding forms etc.)with an individual code number.

This number remains, despite any scientific renaming. Moreover, it enables you to communicate internationally about any fish without the danger of confusion regarding local names!

If you require complete information on all fishes of this group, you'll find it in our AQUALOG-reference book "Aqualog Loricariidae All L-numbers"!

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Freshwater Stingrays from South America (kun på engelsk)stort udvalg i bøger hos poppi dyrecenter østerbro

In the rivers and lakes of tropical South America lives a group of fishes that are more often associated with the sea - stingrays. Although in their natural habitat they are feared much more than the piranhas, on account of their dangerous poisonous spines, all over the world increasing numbers of enthusiastic aquarists are succumbing to the fascination of these unique creatures.

Dr Richard Ross, a scientist at the Santa Barbara Zoo in America, has for a long time been keeping these fishes in the display aquaria at the zoo, and here publishes the vast store of knowledge derived from this experience. The requirements of these rays, as regards successful maintenance and breeding, are revealed in detail for the first time in the literature. The reader will learn all about the requisite tank size, how to set up an aquarium for rays, the correct water parameters, and breeding. The successful diagnosis and treatment of diseases that affect rays is also covered in detail. In addition the different species groups and their pecularities are discussed.

The extremely detailed text is illustrated with more than 80 unique photos, making this an indispensable book for anyone who wishes to know more about these interesting creatures or who is keeping - or planning to keep - stingrays in an aquarium.

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South American Cichlids II (kun på engelsk)AQUALOG: South American Cichlids II

This second of four volumes contains on 112 pages and 500 brilliant color photos of renowned photographers all dwarf cichlids like Apistogramma, Biotoecus, Crenicara, Dicrossus, Nannacara, Taeniacara, and Microgeophagus, previously known as P apiliochromis. Easy-to-read text, symbols and code-numbers make identification easy. All AQUALOG -reference books introduce each fish (incl. breeding forms etc.)with at least one color photo and a short description. The ingenious code number system labels every known or newly discovered fish with an individual code number. This number re mains, despite any scientific renaming. Moreover, it enables you to communicate internationally about any fish without the danger of confusion regarding local names! Your AQUALOG reference book always stays up-to-date! All newly discovered or bred species are regularly published as supplements or so-called stickups; in our AQUALOG news. These stickers can be attached to the empty pages at the end of your book. If you want more information about these interesting fishes, you'll find it in our AQUALOG reference book: South American Dwarf Cichlids (ISBN 3931702294)

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Loricariidae All L-Numbers (kun på Engelsk) bogen om alle l-maller

With this completely revised edition of one of the most successful aquarium fish books of the last decade, a new important chapter in the history of the aquarium
hobby has been written. This book covers all L-Numbers from 1 to 350 and all LDA-Numbers from 1 to 76 on 272 pages.

All important information and care instructions are given under the photos with international symbols. The explanation of the symbols is given in 10 different languages inside the book.

Sucker-mouth catfishes (scientific name: Loricariidae) are given an L or LDA number if they are imported for the aquarium hobby but cannot be unequivocally assigned to any described species.

Due to the immense individual variation in coloration and body-shape of the particular species it is often difficult to identify them.

Thus more than 1.800 photographs have been used to solve this problem.

This book is accepted worldwide as reference work for dealers, breeders and all aquarists who enjoy keeping these wonderful fishes.


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Corydoras - All C-Numbers (Kun på engelsk)

The true mailed catfishes, with around 150 described species and at least as many not yet classified by science, form a highly complex group. All things considered, research into the systematic of these fishes, which are apparently all very closely related to one another, is very much in its infancy.

Now, it is true that in the aquarium hobby it is not the scientific name of a species, but the live fish, that is the center of interest. However, it is sometimes necessary to be able to indicate what species we are talking about, and hence C-numbers were brought into being in the magazine DATZ (=Die Aquarien und Terrarienzeitschrift), for identifying Corydoradinae that have been imported but not yet identified.

The first C-numbers appeared in the DATZ of 12/1993. Since then a number of species have either been described as new species or identified as existing described species. The majority of C-numbers, however, remain just as difficult to classify as in the past. By the time the AQUALOG All Corydoras (ISBN 3931702138) was published in 1996, there was already C-numbers 1 to 46. In the meantime we have reached C132 and there is no end in sight. But we nevertheless feel it makes sense to publish this complete list of all the C-numbers to date, compiled in line with the most recent knowledge. With over 270 photos, a must for the Corydoras lovers.

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The Puffers of Fresh and Brackish Waters (kun på engelsk)bogen om kuglefisk -kun hos poppi østerbro

This book supplies 300 brilliant photos of all the puffers around the world, and also a vast knowledge in keeping these outrageous and colorful animals, which the author experienced over 40 years.

A unique Lexicon for beginners in the hobby, as well as for specialized aquarists and scientists. The only book worldwide on this subject!

All AQUALOG -reference books introduce each fish (incl. breeding forms etc.) with at least one color photo and a short description. The ingenious code number system labels every known or newly discovered fish with an individual code number. This number remains, despite any scientific renaming. Moreover, it enables you to communicate internationally about any fish without the danger of confusion regarding local names!

Your AQUALOG -reference book always stays up-to-date! All newly discovered or bred species are regularly published as supplements. The self-adhesive pictures can be attached to the empty pages at the end of your book.

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Freshwater Rays (kun på engelsk)bogen og ferskvands rokker

Most people think of the rays as marine fishes, but there are numerous species which spend their entire lives in fresh water. Then again other species, for example the mighty swordfish, live in fresh water for at least part of the time and are regularly encountered in the lower courses of rivers.

This AQUALOG volume represents the first comprehensive publication in the popular literature to cover all the rays living in fresh and brackish water, with full coverage of:

- the sawfishes (Pristidae)
- the guitarfishes (Rhinobatidae)
- the South American freshwater stingrays (Potamotrygonidae)

as well as all the representatives of the electric rays (Torpediniformes), eagle rays, mantas, etc (Myliobatidae), and whiptail stingrays (Dasyatidae) that are known to enter fresh or brackish water.

An identification key for all the species is provided. The aquaristically significant freshwater stingrays are depicted in colour photos illustrating a never-before-seen panoply of species and colour varieties. All the other species are likewise illustrated as never before.

Splendid biotope photos from the natural habitats of these rays round off this superlative volume.

This book thus presents an indispensable reference work for anyone interested in rays - aquarists, zoological gardens, scientists, and divers.

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Tropiske Ferskvandsfisk af John Dawes

256 sider med over 200 fiskearter

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Mine første akvariefisk

Forfatter: Jørgen Liljensøe

Beskrivelse: Alt om populære fisk som guppyer; platyer og sværdragere. Forfatteren viser hvad man ksal være opmærksom på, når man køber sine fisk og planter, hvordan akvariet skal indrettes, hvordan man passer og plejer sine fisk og deres levested, hvad fiskene skal have at spise og meget mere.


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Alt om akvarier - naturlig pasning 

Forfatter: Benny B.Larsen og F.Ingemann Hansen

Beskrivelse: En allround bog om akvarier, hvor begynderen kan finde alt, han skal vide, og som den erfarne kan bruge som en uundværlig opslagsbog. Forfatterne er blandt de mest vidende indenfor akvariehobbyen og med et stort forfatterskab indenfor området. I denne bog sammenfatter de deres viden og fortæller udførligt om akvariefiskenes oprindelige mijøer, de mange forskellige typer akvariefisk, fiskenes adfærd under fødesøgning og formering og indretning af mange forskellige akvariemiljøer. 


Anbefaling: God bog om akvarier, med mangle flotte billeder.


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Barber - og andre karpefisk

Forfatter: Benny B.Larsen og F.Ingemann Hansen

Beskrivelse: Karpefiskene lever i Europa, Asien, Afrika og Nordamerika. Der er tale om en meget stor gruppe af meget forskellige fisk, og forfatterne har i bogen vist et bredt udsnit af de mange forskellige slægter. De sidste par år er der kommet mange nye arter af karpefiskene ind i akvariehobbyen, og bogen fortæller i uddybende tekst og smukke farvebilleder om såvel de gammelkendte som mange af de nyeste arter, der aldrig tidligere har været vist i den danske akvarielitteratur.


Pris. Kr. 229.- 







Forfatter: Kenneth Duelund

Beskrivelse: Bogen giver nye og mindre erfarne guppyopdrættere oplysninger på en let og forståelig måde om at holde og udvikle disse små juveler. Grundtrinene er de samme, enten du kun ønsker at vedligeholde en stamme, eller du ønsker at udstille.


Anbefaling: En bog til dem der ønsker at vide mere om de mange forskellige farverige guppyer.


Pris. Kr. 129.-







Små cichlider

Forfatter: Benny B.Larsen og F.Ingemann Hansen

Beskrivelse: Her finder du et bredt udsnit af mindre cichlidearter fra Syd- og Centralamerika, Afrika og Asien. Der er tale om meget forskellige arter, der dog alle har et til fælles, nemlig deres meget spændende og interessante yngeladfærd. Bogens forfattere fortæller i tekst og meget smukke fotos om de små cichliders pasning og pleje, såvel som detaljer om deres yngelpleje og deres oprindelse. Mange af arterne i bogen har aldrig før været vist i akvarielitteraturen.


Anbefaling: Indholdsrig bog om de små, men meget interessante cichlider som egner sig godt til de lidt mindre akvarier i forhold til deres større modparter.


Pris. Kr. 209.-







Labyrint fisk 

Forfatter: Benny B.Larsen og F.Ingemann Hansen

Beskrivelse: Labyrintfiskene består af en stor gruppe meget forskellige fisk, der er blandt de mest populære fisk hos akvarister, først og fremmest på grund af deres smukke udseende og spændende adfærd. De lever naturligt i Asien og Afrika. I bogen fortælles bl.a. om foder, indretning af akvariet og opdræt, efterfulgt af en detaljeret gennemgang af de mest populære slægter. Det hele vises med flotte og inspirerende fotos.




 Pris. Kr. 129.-






Back to Nature Guide L-Maller (kun på engelsk)

Forfatter: Ingo Seidel

Engelsk udgave

Beskrivelse: L-malle familien har mere end 700 beskrevne arter, og er dermed en af de største og mest varierede grupper af fisk, man kender. 

Indtil for et par år siden spillede disse maller kun en lille rolle i vores akvarier, men i dag er de blevet højeste mode. Omkring 500 arter er blevet tilføjet til akvariehobbyen. 

Disse varierer ofte ganske betydeligt i deres krav og derfor er formålet med denne bog at give både begyndere og den mere erfarne akvaristen introduktion til ikke blot at holde, men også opdrætte af disse fisk.

Bogen dækker omkring 390 af de vigtigste og mest interessante "L-nummer maller", som er opført alfabetisk efter slægt og art, og illustreret i fuld farve. Bogen bruger letforståelige symboler til at give oplysninger om størrelse og vedligeholdelse af hver art.

Indeholder desuden mere end 640 farvefotos.


Pris. Kr. 179.- 







Back to Nature Guide til Nanoakvarier

Forfatter: Kjell Forman, José Kienjet og Ralph Töning

Beskrivelse: I de sidste par år såkaldte "nano akvarierblevet meget populæreDen væsentligste årsag til dette er sandsynligvis, at de er små og passer næsten overalt. Mange smuktdesignede og funktionelle nanoer er blevet produceret og talrige farverige ferskvandsrejer og småfisk er blevet indført i akvariehobbyen.

Denne bog giver mange eksempler på smukke ferskvands nanoakvarier og giver også nyttige og tilstrækkelige oplysninger om, hvordan du opretter og vedligeholder et nanoakvarie. Bogen dækker også fisk, rejer, dværgkrebs, krabber, snegle og planter, som kan opbevares i sådan et lille akvarium.
Denne bog indeholder ca 490 fremragende farvefotos og artsbeskrivelser med oplysninger om mere end 75 krebsdyr (rejer, krebs, krabber) og snegle, 180 fiskog 60 planter, der er egnet til en nanoakvarium.


Pris. Kr. 149.- 









Havens fisk

Forfatter: Benny B.Larsen og F.Ingemann Hansen

Beskrivelse: Pas fiskene rigtigt, så de lever i mange år. Her præsenteres de mest almindelige bassinfisk og nogle af de mere specielle arter, så det skulle være muligt at finde fisk til alle bassinstørrelser. Også de mange avancerede hjælpemidler til at give fiskene et godt vandmiljø omtales. Pas på dine kostbare fisk og brug rådene i denne bogs kompetente vejledning. Forfatterne er nogle af vore støste fiskeeksperter med et stort forfatterskab om hold af fisk. 


 Pris.Kr. 229.-